Heat case
We have created a simple but no less functional, attractive and perfect complement for your hair straightener and curling iron. It will accompany you in your work and even when you have to take it before cooling it down. Thanks to its double space, you will not have to worry about how and where to place the cable, without fear of heating it by the heat of the device.
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Designed with love for all hair types around the world, the pink kiss Petó features a hard body for a better grip. The body has a unique curve with a deep base, perfect for those hard to reach spots, which reduces hair breakage, leaving you with stronger hair.

[accordion] [pane title="Read More"] The pink kiss has built in flexible teeth. We doubled the amount of the teeth to cover maximum area; the teeth are designed with two level density to stimulate circulation and massage the scalp, to pump blood to the root of the hair, allowing healthier hair to grow. The teeth are created with a thin structure to detangles any hair type. [/pane] [/accordion]
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